My Drawing Studio

Drawing board with digital pen to connect to the TV.
My Drawing Studio teaches children how to draw and create their first masterpieces.
9 colours are available on the palette which can be mixed to increase the palette to 20 colours.
Many tools to draw: pencils, felt-tip pens, brushes...
11 activities:
- Free drawing, Paint a kid, Decorate an egg, Mix colours, Change costume, Puzzle...
Ideal to stimulate children’s imagination in terms of creativity and precision.

Packaging type: closed box
Power supply: 4 AA (not included)
Packaging dimensions (mm): 450 x 75 x 315
Packing quantity: 6

Product Length:11.81 in
Product Width:11.54 in
Product Height:2.68 in
Product Weight:1.80 lbs

With shipment US ** Tariff 0-1 lbs. ** for $9.24

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