Powergirl - Smart interactive robot for kids to learn and play

  • Product Code: ROB50GEN_01

The smart interactive robot for kids!

Learn and play with Powergirl, a new friend for boys and girls!

Powergirl is a fully interactive toy that talks and includes tons of contents, light and sound effects. She can tell stories and jokes, ask funny riddles, play music, dance with you and has a lot of other cool features to discover!

She comes with a remote, so you can easily control it as you want: moving forward, backward, turning right and left, Powergirl can walk in all directions!

I’m Your True Educational Friend!

Powergirl asks you educational riddles in a funny way! Learn about numbers, daily life, animals, words and many more fascinating themes…

  • How many wings does a dragonfly have?
  • How many letters are there in the word "horse"?
  • How much is three plus five minus seven?
  • Two dolphins, four sharks, and one whale swim in the sea. How many mammals swim in the sea?

Let’s Learn Aesop’s Fables!
Powergirl can tell 10 of the best popular stories like « Belling the Cat”, “The Fox and the Grapes” and “The Lion and the Mouse ».

Dance With Me!
Powergirl has 12 built-in songs and 2 dancing choreographies. With its dual speaker and amazing light effects, she will amaze your friends!

I Repeat What You Say!
Press the Record & play button and he will repeat after you with its funny robot voice.

I Shoot Foam Discs!
One of the favourite pastimes of Powergirl is shooting foam discs. Move her into position, and fire!  9 discs are included in the box.

Included in the box:

  • 1 robot
  • 1 remote
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 9 foam discs

Requires: 5x LR6/AA batteries for robot (included) + 2x LR6/AA batteries for remote (included).

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