Talking Sea Battle (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese),

A talking electronic naval battle with ultra -realistic sound and light effects!
1 to 2 players: play against the computer or challenge a friend!
Gameplay : to be the first to sink your opponents 5 ships.
2 game modes: normal mode or difficult mode in which the computer does not specify which ship is hit.
4 languages: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Realistic combat sounds reflecting the situation of the game (set up, fire, missed / hit / sunken target) to intensely live the battle!
Flashing light when a boat is hit or sunk.
Automatic shutdown.
Storage space under the ocean grids.
Box content: 2 ocean grids, 2 target grids, 10 ships, 80 red pawns, 200 white pawns, and an instruction manual with the rules of the game.
Power Supply: 3 x AA/LR6 batteries of 1.5V (included).
Warranty: 3 months. Designed and developed in Europe - Made in China, Shenzhen.

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