FAQ - Powerman

Moving the head


The head of the robot does not rotate, or it turns only on one side. What should I do?

If the head is stuck or does not turn far enough on one side when it is in central position, turn it with your hands gently towards the side that is stuck, around 45°. You will hear some mechanical sound as you do so, but this is normal.
Make sure to turn it gently without applying excessive force.


Moving the arms


Can I move the arms up and down?

Yes, absolutely. You can rotate the arms vertically (relative to the shoulder axis) to position them at your will.

Please ensure that you turn them gently, without applying too much force. You will be able to feel when the arms have reached their maximum rotation point.

In addition, you can also rotate the elbows.

Foam discs


The disc shooter doesn’t work properly. What should I do?

First, please ensure that the robot is turned off, and check that no foam disc is stuck in the mechanism or in the “mouth” of the robot. If this is the case, try to recover the stuck foam disc with a thin object.

If this does not work, remove all the discs by opening the head of the robot and press the “Fire” button on the remote control. Look in the hole that holds the discs; if the plastic tip moves slowly, this may be the source of the problem (the spring is too soft and does not push the plastic tip fast enough to throw the foam discs with enough force). In this case, please contact Lexibook’s After-Sales Service.

The foam discs are always stuck in the mouth of the robot. What should I do?

Your foam discs may be contorted or badly bent. You can try to give them back their original round and flat shape with your fingers by using a flat object.

Low battery


The robot turns off and on automatically when I press a button. What should I do?

Normally, when the batteries of the robot are weak, a warning “beep” sound is played whenever you press a button (four “beeps” followed by a voice message). If the batteries are almost exhausted, this warning may not have time to play. In this case, the robot will automatically turn off and turn on again each time a button is pressed.

In this case, please replace the exhausted batteries with brand new batteries so that the robot can come back to life.