FAQ Lexibook® Junior Tablet

Questions regarding how to operate the tablet

User's manual: The printed manual is quite short. Where can I find more detailed explanations on my tablet?

Click on the Help icon, located on the MY KNOWLEDGE menu page.

Android™ update: Can I upgrade the tablet's Android version to the latest version?

The Lexibook Junior Tablet is a specific version of Android 4.0 specially developped by Lexibook® for the kids. For the time being, it cannot be upgraded.

Antivirus: How do I protect my tablet from viruses and other internet threats?

Several antivirus for Android™ are available to download on the Lexibook® Market or on the internet.

Reset: If I do a factory reset, what kind of information I will lose, would all my newly installed apps be deleted?

If you do a factory reset, the tablet program will be restored. All your datas and applications will be erased except the applications installed by default on the tablet.

USB: What is the USB connection for? What can I do with it? What can I do on the computer for the tablet?

The USB connection allows you to transfer music, pictures, videos ebooks and applications from your computer to your Junior Tablet.

Navigation: Does the HOME button also quit the current application or just simply exit?

The Home button located on the menu bar allows you to go back to the Home screen but to be sure to close the application completely, it is recommended to exit your application using the back key on the menu bar.

Profiles: What exactly does creating a profile do for the user? Or install different applications?

On the Junior Tablet®, by creating your profile, you will be able to add your favourite applications and the applications you installed on the MY APPS menu page.

Lexibook Protect: What exactly is Google SafeSearch function?

Google Safesearch is the parental control created by Google to filter the search result on Google website. On the Lexibook Protect browser, it is activated by default and it is highly recommended to keep this filter on.

Lexibook Protect: What should I do in case I forget my password?

Go in Settings>Apps. On the All menu, search for Lexibook Protect, click on it. Click the Clear Data button. The Lexibook Protect password is erased, you can set a new one.

Keypad: What is the “Microphone” icon on the bottom right of the keypad for?

The Microphone icon on the keypad allows you to dictate words instead of typing them. Be careful it might not be as efficient as typing.

Lexibook Market: Does it automatically log-out of my account upon exit?

No, you need to manually disconnect your Lexibook Market account by clicking "Log out" next to your username in the top bar.

E-mail: Can I have multiple accounts? If so, how do I set up the second account?

After creating your first account, in the Email application, press on the 3 dots displayed on the top right. Select Settings then press Add Account displayed on the top right.

LXB Video: How do I use it? Do I need an account set up?

On the Junior Tablet, you have more than 1 hour cartoons preinstalled. You can find them in the LXB Video application by pressing the OFF switch at the bottom right of the application. Then if you want to download cartoons or watch them streamed from the internet, you will need to create an account. If you have a Videostore card, follow the instructions at the back of the card to get your free content.

Gallery: Can I import pictures, photos, videos into the Gallery? How?

Simply connect your tablet on your PC with the USB cable and copy/paste the music or video files anywhere on the tablet storage.

Ebook: What file format is supported?

PDF, EPUB and TXT files are supported.

Kid Interface: Can I re-arrange the order of the icons on this page as I like?

You can arrange the icons of your favourite applications on the MY APPS menu page. The other menu page cannot be modified.