FAQ Lexibook® First Tablet(ref.MFC150)

Questions regarding how to operate the tablet

How do I connect the tablet to Wi-Fi?

Please refer to the Wi-Fi.pdf document in the Appendix.

If I have a key and a code to connect, what must I enter?

To automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network, you need two pieces of information: the SSID (the name of Wi-Fi network) and the key (password). Please refer to the Wifi.pdf available in the document download section.

Is it possible to upgrade the version of Android installed on the tablet?

No, it's not possible to upgrade the tablet (for example, to upgrade from Android 2.1 to version 2.2). Each Lexibook® tablet uses a version of Android developed specifically for it. It's therefore not possible to install a new version.

What is the maximum storage capacity (USB sticks, SD cards) supported by the tablet?

The tablet supports USB sticks and SD cards with a storage capacity up to 32Gb.

Is there are second "reset" button?

No, there's only one "reset" button on the tablet, accessible on the top part of the device.

Is it possible to recharge the battery while the tablet is switched off?

Yes, the battery can be charged while the device is on, off or on standby. Charging the battery can be done using the USB cable or the power adapter.

Is the tablet compatible with a Mac?

Yes, the tablet is compatible with Mac computers.

Is it necessary to remove the plastic film that covers the tablet's screen?

The tablets come with a plastic film covering the screen. This film is part of the packaging and should be removed from the tablet before using. It can be replaced with a protective film (not supplied). Furthermore, our tablets are equipped with resistant screens and navigation will therefore be greatly improved by using a stylus (not supplied).

Is it possible to plug a mouse into the tablet?

Yes, it is entirely possible to plug a mouse into the tablet via a USB port.

Is it possible to plug a webcam into the tablet?

No, it is not possible to connect a webcam to the tablet. Unfortunately, Android don't offer this possibility.

Is it possible to plug a printer into the tablet?

No, it is not possible to connect a webcam to the tablet. Unfortunately, Android don't offer this possibility.

Can I connect the tablet to an Ethernet connection?

No, it doesn't have an Ethernet port.

How can I update my tablet?

It's not currently possible to update the software on Lexibook tablets.

Is there date-based recovery system, identical to that of Windows?


How I disable the screen-standby mode?

Go to Settings > Display > Screen standby then select the option NEVER DEACTIVATE.

Questions regarding applications

If I reset my tablet, do I lose all the applications that I've bought?

No, once purchased, applications are "acquired" and remain available in your Lexibook® Market account. To access an application purchased on Lexibook® Market and to download it again, follow the instructions below:

1. Connect to Lexibook® Market using your login details and then click the tab "My Account".

2. In your account, click the tab "Order History" at the bottom of the screen.

3. A history of orders made on Lexibook® Market will appear on the screen.

4. Select the application and reinstall it on the tablet by clicking the tab "Download".

Does it have parental control?

At the moment, there are no parental controls operating on Android, unlike with Windows. We do, however, have a parental control system on Lexibook® Market.

How do I activate parental control on Lexibook® Market?

Please refer to the Lexibook® Market.pdf available in the document download section below.

Does all Lexibook® Market content function on the tablets?

It's impossible to guarantee complete compatibility with the thousands of Lexibook® Market applications available (just like the Google market), all the more because our tablets are able function on the three different versions of Android (2.1/2.2/2.3).

What instant messaging application comes with the tablet?

The application Nimbuzz is a multi-instant messaging service. This application lets you chat, call or even exchange files with all your contacts with Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk...accounts. A link to the Nimbuzz application comes with the tablet and is available to download from the "Downloads" folder on the tablet's home page.
It's also possible to download the Nimbuzz application free-of-charge via Lexibook® Market. Other similar and free applications are available on Lexibook® Market. Yahoo! Messenger, eBuddy Messenger, Mercury Free… at present, Windows Live Messenger is not available on Android.

Is it necessary to have a bank card to create a Lexibook® Market account?

If you have the latest version of Lexibook® Market (version V02 at present), it's not necessary to enter a bank card number to create an account. A link, available in the tablet's "Downloads" folder lets you download and use the latest version of Lexibook® Market. You can also go to this page of our website to download this application through the web browser on your tablet:

Where can I find the eBooks? The 52 activities? The games?

This depends on the model of tablet you have. Please refer to the electronic tablet manual available in the "Help" folder on you tablet's home-screen.

The Deezer application installed on the tablet seems to need an update...

This update cannot be carried out using the tablet.
You need to click on the option "No" to go to the next screen and use the application normally. Installing the new version automatically deletes the old version.
Click "OK" to replace the previous version with the new version.

Is Skype available on the tablet?

Skype does not come with the tablet, but can be downloaded free-of-charge on Lexibook® Market. Only the "audio calls" function works at the moment.

Is it possible to install applications downloaded from other Markets onto the tablet?

Yes, if the ".apk" files are compatible with Lexibook® tablets.

The oldest versions of the tablets do not have any "office" type applications…

Indeed, the first versions of the tablets don't have SoftMaker. For these tablets, a link in the "Downloads" folder gives you access to a Word/Excel/PowerPoint viewer(Doc2Go). Other similar and applications, free and paid, are available on Lexibook® Market.

Can I install anti-virus software?

Yes, this is a compatible application.

Other questions

From what age (an up to what age) can I use the tablet?

Lexibook® tablets are suitable for all.