Collins English Dictionary, 13th edition

Electronic Pocket Spellchecker: your No.1 companion for perfect spelling. Includes complete Lexibook's Thesaurus!
Phonetic spell checking function for the 725,000 words featured in the Collins English Dictionary, 13th edition.
Ensures the correct word is always found, no matter how you misspell it with words from the Collins English Dictionary, 13th edition.
Lexibook's Conjugation: verbs (present, 3rd person, past, past perfect) & singular/plural.
Crossword solver: solve crossword puzzles by filling in missing letters in words (Eg: "G??a") and it will generate a possible word list.
Includes: Anagram & Word builder solvers.
3 words games: Hangman, Word Jumble & Anagram.
Help on screen at any time.
Other uses: calculator, currency and unit converters & user list to create a personalized list.

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