Disney - Bilingual Mickey Robot - English/Spanish

MASTERFUL CONTROL - Direct Mickey with the delightful Mickey-shaped remote or effortlessly guide him with hand gestures. He smoothly glides in 2 speeds—walking and sliding—for endless fun!
AWAKEN YOUR LEARNING - Mickey is your interactive programming mentor! Learn coding as Mickey showcases his skills and guides you through programming basics, sparking creativity.
BILINGUAL COMPANION - Embark on English language discovery with Mickey's authentic voice in both Spanish and English. Educational bilingual interactions for immersive playtime learning!
KNOWLEDGE GALORE - Dive into 180+ quizzes spanning math, geography, music, animals, and more! Expand horizons with captivating challenges, creating an engaging and enriching experience.
ENCHANTING ENTERTAINMENT - Mickey reads minds with AI! Guess the animal you're thinking of through Mickey's vast biodiversity wisdom. Plus, dance away to 10 melodies, light up the room with Mickey's eyes, and more!
LEXIBOOK QUALITY - Appreciated by children, approved by parents. A renowned and certified toy brand, Lexibook offers smart, quality and safe products for a purchase you can trust.

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