Electronic chess game with touch-sensitive keyboard.
Very modern design: transparent plastic protective shell.
Complete and progressive: 64 difficulty levels (including 5 beginners) divided into 4 different play games.

ELO 1800 player rating system.
Touch-sensitive board stores piece placement when board is turned off.
Knows the 50-move rule, “pat” and draw by repetition, pawn promotion, “en passant” capture.
Solve the mate in 5 moves.
MULTIMOVE level to referee a game between 2 players.
2 players’ mode or player VS. computer mode.

“Smart” functions:
TRAINING mode (improvement) indicating to the player whether the move just played is optimal or allowing the player to attempt a new move.
Functions included: HINT to suggest
Moves identified by 64 warning lights, under the played piece and under the destination square. Translucent pieces spreading light.

Product Length:14.06 in
Product Width:10.43 in
Product Height:1.81 in
Product Weight:1.76 lbs

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