Harry Potter® Electronic chess game

UNLEASH YOUR INNER WIZARD - Experience the magical world of Harry Potter® with a modern design, 64 warning lights under each piece, and translucent pieces that illuminate your gameplay.
MASTER EVERY LEVEL - Conquer 64 difficulty levels, including 5 beginner levels, divided into 4 captivating game modes. Progress from novice to expert and challenge your skills at every step.
PLAY LIKE A GRANDMASTER - The advanced Elo 1800 player rating system ensures you face challenging opponents, providing a realistic and exhilarating chess experience.
SEAMLESS GAMEPLAY, ANYTIME - Our touch-sensitive board remembers piece placement, even when turned off. Switch between 2 players or challenge the computer. The MULTIMOVE mode facilitates fair play between players.
RULES MADE SIMPLE - From the 50-move rule to "pat" and draw by repetition, pawn promotion, and "en passant" capture, our chess game understands and implements all official rules flawlessly.
HONE YOUR SKILLS - Utilize the TRAINING mode for optimal gameplay. Get instant feedback on your moves, ensuring you make the most strategic choices. HINT, TAKE BACK, MOVE, VERIFY, and SET UP functions included.
SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES - Designed for players aged 7 and older, our electronic chess game offers a warranty of 2 years, ensuring years of enjoyment and learning for chess enthusiasts of all skill levels.

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