Spider-Man - Educational and Bilingual Laptop Spanish/English

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES - Spanish and English, Mathematics, Dactylography, General knowledge, Logic, Music, Clock reading.
TEST THE KNOWLEDGE - Fun activities with different levels to learn, test and improve one's knowledge.
GAMES - Fun games to test logic, memory and speed after learning.
GREAT DESIGN - Ergonomics inspired by real laptops, with a realistic mouse and keyboard. Slim elegant design. Convenient size for an easy handgrip.
MUSIC & MELODIES! - Musical activities for the first step in music (notes learning, composing and playing melodies)
GRAPHIC EFFECTS - LCD screen with animations.
HOURS OF FUN! - Computer keyboard to answer the questions and play the games.
LANGUAGE - Letters, words, typing and spelling.
MATHEMATICS - Numbers and calculation (4 operations).

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